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Student Thesis Writing And Guidance Services Library

Sep 15, 2014

An undergraduate thesis writing thesis writing difficulties include the following steps: preparation of an outline before writing preparation → → → prepare the final version of the draft prepared in these four basic steps, the most important is the first step, including selected topics, reference books single and collect information. In the instructor's help, students can successfully complete the first two steps, but the final step in a lot of students feel helpless. Students must gather as much relevant research material to write good papers. The author in communication with graduates found that students find the knowledge of network resources is inadequate, not a good literature search was performed using the network. Data collection cumbersome and complex, and should be read in conjunction with, thinking together in order to achieve the desired effect. However, many students do not have the patience to read carefully the process of gathering information on the mood of urgency. Hours searching a lot of books, a copy dozens of papers information, without careful analysis of the literature reference value, without careful reading, literature screening and thinking, the use of the value of natural compromised. Some students also find twenty-three references feel have been met, perfunctory. Failed to obtain the necessary references, essay writing seems to become difficult.
     2 The author's thesis advisor at the long-term process, using interviews with the survey method of Shanghai Normal University, 100 English majors were investigated, while using sampling methods dissertations of 100 dissertations statistical data on undergraduate Get the main channel of literature information, commonly used to find ways to literature, the use of the type of literature, language and time range and other aspects of the investigation. Its findings are summarized as follows: 100 English undergraduates, to the school library weekly 3--5 times are 67 weekly 1--2 there 33 times, from no less than the library. From this, the higher the frequency of undergraduate school library use, school library literature information they obtain the main channel. But the most widespread lack of college literature search capabilities. The author of the English school graduates investigation confirmed that there are number of difficulties to find information, more than half. I found that almost all students in each session there is inadequate literature search capacity. I do not know how to use tools such as books and directories for information collection and distribution of literature lack of understanding of the characteristics of literature, function and retrieval method is also a deep understanding. It is not difficult to see, the key is students do not know how to make full use of library services under the network environment, understand the characteristics of library information service under the network environment.
     Features contemporary Library Information Service (1) digitized. Rapid increase in the number of contemporary print publications, annual Chinese version of the book has more than 10 million. Library to meet the growing needs of users, naturally turned to the new literature carriers, including early literature microfilm and digitization of the existing literature. Digitized documents include secondary bibliography, indexes, abstracts, etc. as well as increasing the original database and other literature. The most common bibliographic database refers to a database storing information on secondary literature, divided into bibliographic databases, directories, databases, indexes and abstracts database. Most contemporary university library provides online public catalog online inquiry service for users to query the museum's collections of bibliographic information, the Union Museum's collection of information and documents to borrow information. (2) network. After the library collections into the digital part of the state, has become complex library. With computer communication network, relying on large databases and search engines, such as search technology, allowing users to quickly and easily at any time to obtain the required literature resources in the network terminal. Internet brings together the world's literature on the digital library of Internet, to show readers the most ambitious, the most abundant literature information, each library can provide access to information and access to services. (3) personalization. Each node of the University Library is a global network of libraries. The museum personalization system resources, including virtual reality collections and collections. Reality collections are mainly collections of books, CD-ROM databases, multimedia resources and mirrored databases and other resources. Virtual Collection is through links and varying degrees of processing of online resources, it relies on deep processing of literature resources, from literature unit service towards the provision of knowledge units, according to the user needs to establish the theme, the establishment of appropriate disciplinary thematic resource online identification, screening , filtering, control, description and evaluation, and organized into a directory information or provide the source site address, the centralized online node and one or some theme-related topics to provide personalized information and navigation services to users.
     Three guiding students to access information Library Services contemporary university library information service environment to help librarians graduates quickly find and accurately obtain paper provides reference material conditions. About the library service areas to explore in this, the following steps may practice as a reference. 3. A retrieval method to provide proper guidance, for example, Chinese Scientific Journals Database, a collection of nearly a thousand kinds of Chinese Academic Journal, with the default account and password (limit campus IP), has a title, author, keyword, agency retrieve items , Chinese abstract, citation, funds, and Chinese full-text titles and other options. In general, you can suggest that students use to select an initial thesis topic and develop closer and easier to find the relevant articles. If you want to find a pre-author of the paper, you can guide students through the option of entering. English majors need to improve writing and English language skills related to research articles, if students enter teaching English as a search option from the Titles option, there may be 113,048 and English teaching-related articles in the search results. Faced with hundreds of thousands of papers, impossible to download, read, this time we should guide students to make a further search options. According to the research subject such as compression search, select the item in the secondary retrieval Titles column, enter search terms in English professional writing skills, secondary search results can only 92 a. When students visit Titles, select a number of papers are interested in downloading. When students get by downloading the required references, to remind or help them check the PC, whether there is a corresponding reading software, and download or installation guide, for the initial contact with the network resources, especially students specialized databases, such help very important, not just to help them obtain the relevant literature, but to help them access to information in the digital network environment to master. On information retrieval techniques, in the acquisition of electronic journals resources, the use of the existing literature is the need to pass on to the track to find one of the skills of students. When the master of literature-based publications, but also references to further extend the information from the text, and even fresh expression through literature, the concept of words, expand your search. Generally speaking, to help students master the multi-level electronic journal literature resources, multi-side retrieval skills, basic service requirements should be librarians.
      3. Two basic capabilities to enhance student information access library information services to help students not only in the field of library scene, more important is to let student groups to enhance awareness of the network to obtain scientific information resources. Most young people are now able to freely surf the Internet, but does not mean they really have a sense of scientific information on the use of literature resources database, it is impossible to grasp the nature of skilled literature search skills. To this end, the multi-pronged approach to promote various forms to improve students' information literacy. First, the literature retrieval system development education programs to enhance student ability to obtain scientific information network is imperative. University Library should strive to promote and gain support the school, the document retrieval education as a required course. Through the system, the regular teaching process, the real science to enhance students' ability to obtain information network.