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Professional Students Compose Music On The Value And Meaning Of Music Paper

First, refining, sublimation own artistic thinking whether it is music student or professional musicians, through music study and research, everyone will have their own artistic ideas, the so-called artistic thought it simply talk is self-understanding of art and understanding, or personal artistic point of view, this idea did not form until the text temporarily stored in our brains hard, because of the many types of brain store information, disorderly, incomplete, so the information is not like every point of view the computer can always extract the same information, and the need to re-organize in order to become complete, but this store has instability, loss of time as it may be forgotten, or because the individual death becomes unknowable. The text is a good store and transmit information carrier can text the musical thought is recorded music paper, music paper is one of the best carrier store music art thinking, writing music papers to make personal artistic minds from diverse None sequence becomes clear unity, from invisible to be seen, artistic ideas by writing papers have been refined and sublimated.
     Second, deepen the theoretical research, theoretical level and improve their professional skills and techniques needed to collect and compose music papers read a lot of professional information and literature about the history and current situation by referring to relevant professional development, and collect a lot of study materials for their artistic point of view, standing theory on the basis of previous research professionals, through rational thinking, discover problems, put forward their own views and opinions objectively, through academic and scientific argumentation, constantly enrich the connotation of the research areas of expertise, constantly digging depth theoretical study of the profession further promote the research areas to be more perfect, more scientific development. By reading a lot of information relevant professional literature, learn about outstanding professional achievements in scientific research, to learn the essence, in their original professional basis on expanding the breadth and depth of their professional knowledge, and continuously enrich the connotation of their professional theoretical knowledge. By reading, thinking to raise awareness and put theory into professional skills and techniques to further enhance their professional proficiency and level, so as to nurture and exercise to analyze problems, problem-solving abilities.
     Third, improve writing skills need to continually improve the author's writing skills by writing music papers. Writing skills and language skills can be developed as, say more than language skills will be strengthened, and similarly, wrote more than writing skills will be enhanced, too. Training writing skills is a long-term practice of the process by the colloquial language into a written form of articles, papers written to make the author's language, organizational skills, the ability to constantly induction exercise and strengthening. With writing skills continue to strengthen their talents could be fully excavated and display. So, writing music paper writing skills to cultivate writers, thereby improving their writing skills.
     Fourth, the quality and quantity of self-manifestation of the artistic value of musical works is an important manifestation of self artistic value of each musician. Mozart if not its high-quality, large numbers of opera, piano sonatas, instrumental concertos, symphonies and other musical works, there is no way the value of his art reflected his great contribution to the development of classical music are not given the recognition and respect for future generations. How many musical genius since ancient times did not leave his musical works have been forgotten by history, their heritage and promoting artistic thought not, for the musical and cultural development is really a pity, many kinds of musical works music paper is one of them, it and other musical works, is an important symbol of a musician or artists artistic value. As the artistic value of a modern artists lived up to, and we want more learning, more research, music and cultural development of mankind and make due contributions to achieve self-worth.
     Fifth, the need for capacity and level of research and development is the era of economic and cultural development level of a country's highly important symbol. Chinese music and cultural development and dissemination requires a lot of high-level musical scientific research personnel, these people come from? Hand through training, on the other hand through the selection, the selection is an important assessment indicators music research, including the music papers the largest share, publish music papers assessment of the quantity and quality has become an artists an important indicator of business performance. From organ to the factory, from primary to university, study for a degree of titles promotion, Pingxianpingyou all to see research and capacity. With the continuous development of social productive forces, science and technology and rejuvenating, innovation and development imperative. So as a musician is to improve the level of scientific research and capacity development needs of the times, the need for self-development.
     Six, is the need to carry out academic exchanges music music academic exchanges is varied, the music paper is one of the most direct form of music academic exchanges, easy to operate, but not limited era, good save. When we see a hundred years ago when the same benefit of musical works, put it down. Its broad range of academic exchanges, because the larger papers printed by the ratio, there may be included, his readers through the many forms and academic exchanges, most of the music culture is to be inherited and broadcast through this form, get development and innovation. So spread the development of music culture medium of music is inseparable from this important paper. It is the world's academic, technical exchanges powerful tool. Inheritance and development of Chinese music culture depends on the joint efforts of our artists, and continuously push forward the development of Chinese music culture is our duty, we should consciously strengthen writing skills training, more musical achievements, to further enhance their artistic realm for our musical culture spread and development and make due contributions.