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Passignment Write Papers Lead

Passignment is the industry's only one able to provide company-level service and commitment papers can 3P service brand consulting services to its customers.

Pass Guaranteed:

And other so-called studio different, Passignment provide a company-level papers consulting services, consultant teacher signing mode to change the traditional OEM model, insist on keeping the development of the next house consultant teacher, teacher consultant with the company directly contracted management philosophy to ensure maximize their interests, which can guarantee the quality, in order to achieve this commitment.

Plagiarism Free:

To achieve this commitment, the Company and a number of database companies signed a cooperation agreement, each translation will by detecting multiple databases, full-text similarity control at 15% or less, the body in 10% less. Our company will not be detected manuscript will be entered into the database, the situation presented by the customer 100% similarity does not appear when the school.

Punctual Delivery:

To achieve this commitment, we have a professional to send a single control system and order tracking system, to send a single control system will be based on the consultant teacher schedule, capacity and volume of orders, control orders amount adviser week teacher to ensure that consultant teacher do not overload extension leads turnaround phenomenon. Order tracking system will regularly remind the customer service consultant teacher polling schedule, follow up order fulfillment.