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Passignment Service Process To Write Papers

1 customer first communicate with us via the customer service, and will generally require assignment to inform us, we will do a rough quote based on your assignment requirements in order to service our customers have a preliminary understanding of the price range.

Consistent with the requirements Essay include:

--- Their profession and subjects

Date --- turnaround customer requirements

--- Words

--- Paper Grade: high school, college matriculation, undergraduate, master's Foundation, Masters, PHD

2 Customers can communicate through the above preliminary understanding Passignment. If customers feel that we are reliable and intentionally assignment delivered to us, the specific requirements of the job can be sent to us, we will arrange a professional or an experienced consultant teacher of writing appropriate to do a specific offer. (Usually specific offer just five minutes or so, not too much contrast with the initial offer, except for individual cases)

3 If the customer agrees to our offer and determine the assignment entrusted to us, then the customer may be added the following information

--- Customers if [customers want to convey to consultant teacher's words]

--- Reading / recommend reading literature Required / Essential reading & Suggested / Recommended reading

--- Courseware Lecture notes

--- Scoring criteria: Assessment Criteria

--- Reference format: Harvard or APA, Chicago, and the number of required

--- School's Web site address and student ID password

4 customers pay 50% of the deposit in accordance with customer instructions.

5 customer check your deposit payment confirmation will give customers order number, and check with the customer order information, after confirmation will arrange the transfer to send a single customer service advisor teacher write.

During the 6 articles to write, customers can occasionally ask manuscript complete schedule (recommended not to over-ask schedule, so as not to affect the progress). In addition, customers should always Q on the line, so as not to miss a consultant writer for your message.

7 When the assignment is completed, we will inform you on the line, concurrent 50% to you, the customer pay the balance, we are about the whole draft to the customer.

After eight customers receive the full draft, you can check the quality of their next check under format and timely feedback possible modifications. If you want to modify, customers can send finishing clear customer service, we will arrange for consultants teachers to be modified.