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Paper Is Not "write" Out

Remember to comment on the title, and to award a lot of people think of the papers. Some people shop paper brush the eight children will play a thesis to write, to make the world search data related articles, deftly juggle handmade from scissors and paste job, with a computer, copy cut and paste the unique skills and turns on stage , several beat, a "miscellaneous take various synthetic one," the paper finally emerged. There are people playing the lantern torches, shop around to find a master thesis writing, his best to please flatter flattering as possible and repeated "explosives" "grenade" bombing, repeated Gongchoujiaocuo drink and a laugh, a norm sample article also boarded the humble. And I have been puzzled: Is this what we need papers? This paper what is the value? The original will be so easy to write papers? I clearly heard the voice of the heart of another confrontation: Paper should not be "written out". I think the paper should be a conscious act of spontaneous compelled to speak, is the crystallization of Riyousuosi night had a dream, or even "tossing and turning, thinking Wu Mei service" painful torment process, she shines out often "articles in this heaven, Cherish even have the "spark of inspiration, the harvest is" twist off a few stems to be "natural relief and suddenly. Years ago, I began to teach the normal school restructuring, I am nowhere to go, then forced himself to write plays, "paper", saying that "paper" is actually very embarrassed, just some brief Thousand Man, at best, short escape knowledge paradigm, it has also published, but I have always dared to treat it as a thesis.
      To this high school, I have to give serious consideration to language teaching, and I try to learn all kinds of language magazine, the magazine reads like a novel as fascinating, even passionately, and I thoroughly research materials, exploring a variety of personalized text interpretation, slowly on language teaching some ideas, and these ideas into my classroom reform, and then carefully put these ideas and practical experience real record, there is no theoretical verification Xunzhangzhaiju, and then earnestly ask for expert after repeated as appropriate temper several times, the temerity to cast out, very few actually not in, and even language magazine willing to open my column. Some people handle paper as thesis writing, set himself the subject of a loss, heart, no accumulation, no feelings, no exploration of the action, no pay, on empty around this subject, arty, Xunzhangzhaiju, twisted their brains, informative, put on a shelf metaphysics, the word did not seek the origins, people reading incomprehensible, unfathomable empty sigh of learning. This paper not worth mentioning. I like to read Zhu Yongxin, Li Town, high Wanxiang, Wei Zhiyuan and other rustic sincere educational essays, no Guzuogaoshen school style without citing the Majestic, only in my hand my heart naturally, come in handy, authentic, realistic person. But we have to admire their text, had cited as a confidant of these masters, this may be the "most paper" thing, is the best thesis. We should learn from the best, is to try to figure out the real thing, leaving the real text. One of my friends grade teacher, education anthology published a book entitled "In doing", I even appreciation, that he realize the true meaning of the paper: paper is to explore the practice of learning come. Those who think the paper is written friend, is often mistaken thesis program, reverse causality, quick success, the quality of the paper will be greatly reduced.