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Medical Students Should Raise Awareness Of Thesis Writing

Thesis research, innovation graduate, master and apply knowledge and ability as well as a comprehensive reflection of the ability of written expression. Dissertation writing is an important part of training graduate students engaged in scientific research ability, is a graduate student to develop innovative and important way to improve the analysis and problem solving ability. By writing dissertations rigorous training, literacy and ability to work independently graduate research will be greatly improved. How graduate school at the beginning, seize opportunities, and optimize the knowledge structure, train and raise awareness of their writing, the future of work and learning are very important. The need to strengthen the thesis writing graduate medical training with enrollment increasing number of college students, the quality of postgraduate training needs to be improved. All colleges and universities require students to graduate papers published in refereed journals, but the reality is that the quality of graduate dissertations generally not high, the reasons are: Due to graduate instructor enrollment growth rate is much lower than the growth rate of graduate teachers and students after enrollment than a serious imbalance, and some part-time instructors too much, not enough time and energy to guide the graduate thesis writing. Graduate learning attitude is not correct: students busy medical courses, exams and English only care about computer Grading, in stark contrast to how the Chinese nobody seriously, very few people make an effort to learn Chinese, or academic research mentality impetuous, simple repetition, imitation others, resulting in a lot of academic quality.
        Graduate Applied Writing basic difference: Some people lack basic liberal arts, literature, art and text accomplishment poor basic skills, language expression poor performance when writing papers argument is unknown, the statement barrier, logical confusion, typos and more urgent humanistic quality improved. Medical Graduate Thesis Writing raise awareness of ways to extensive reading and writing and reading are closely linked. Books and magazines in the flashing light of human wisdom, storing precious human life experience. Reading is a ladder leading to the temple of science, can make broaden their horizons, enrich knowledge, grow in wisdom, perception of life truth, to know the information age. An old saying: "Thick and thin hair", sustained reading, will be able to accumulation of small, sand into the tower. Reading is an important way to accumulate graduate writing material, to improve scientific writing ability is necessary. Especially related to reading and writing their own professional articles and books, from the topic, drawing, and other aspects of argumentation seriously study, think, analyze where their articles Fortunately, what characteristics, what law can make yourself rapidly improve the operational capacity and writing skills. If you are a beginner do not know how to write, but also with reference to its format, write your own material, ideas, gradually standardize the order written. A lot of people did not received professional training was able to write the article was very well written, that stems from the usual extensive reading.