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How To Improve The Quality Of University Undergraduate Thesis

Undergraduate thesis is an important part of higher education undergraduate teaching programs, undergraduate education is an indispensable part of teaching, its purpose is to check student mastery of knowledge, analyze problems and problem-solving skills. Therefore, how to carry out a teaching undergraduate thesis work to improve the quality of undergraduate thesis, is an important task in front of every thesis instructor and school-related administration. The author of its own guidance fifth thesis teaching experience, from thesis topics, guidance, respondent three aspects of starting, make a few suggestions and thinking.
     An emphasis on topics topics are part of the basis for the entire essay writing session, the topic is directly related to the quality of the paper. If the topic is not enough degrees of freedom to play their self initiative will be restricted; If the difference is greater or more difficult subject of research topics were similar, then he will progress, learning objectives are not clear, not hard efforts of students provide opportunities for plagiarism papers outcomes. Therefore, in order to avoid the difficulty of blind students to bring the topic is too low, the topic is too big or too old non-innovative research and other issues, the instructor can take the paper first proposition, the subject requires moderate difficulty, to meet the requirements of professional training, content as related to the teacher's own research projects. Proposition research and research methods by different groups, organizations of all teachers brainstorm validation issues, topics and student control number 3: 1 ratio, and then aggregated anonymous way for students to choose, sorted by priority, taking into account the balance the way the final secondary adjustments. In consideration of graduates looking for work, internships, graduate students and other effects to retest thesis carried out, the work can be carried out ahead of the topic at the end of the junior year. Instructor by arrangement literature research, reporting discussions, training, research and small, to encourage students to accelerate the understanding of the content of the thesis research and to enhance communication with the guidance of teachers, and lay a solid foundation for the successful completion of the paper, make sure that there is follow-up work papers order to carry out and complete the paper quality.
       2 clutching papers carry the paper work is the key to the whole thesis work, and this part of the direct impact to the completion of the quality of the paper. Students completing dissertation topics, guidance teachers should pay close attention to student papers carry case. Topics for students, instructors and timely furnished thesis mission statement, presented research background and research required to complete the task, guiding students to carry out preliminary literature review, complete opening report papers, research papers purposeful, research content, research methods, feasibility analysis and thesis completion schedule table. The successful completion of the thesis defense after open question, and further guide students in-depth literature review, clutching the papers every process carried out. Students and instructors meet weekly at least once, the paper reports on progress and problems encountered. According to grasp the situation while the instructor students basic knowledge, combined thesis topics, guide students familiar with the professional field calculation software, academic writing methods and techniques and so on. It should also focus on communication with students when the instructor on the first draft of student papers to guide, in full knowledge of the students thought the proposed amendments and recommendations papers. In addition, due to graduate looking for work, internships, graduate re-examination and other factors, the energy will be used for writing papers scattered. Teachers should guide students according to the specific circumstances, to guide students to develop well-detailed and reasonable schedule and in strict accordance with the schedule table to check student papers carry case, there are guided conscious urge students to correctly understand the importance of thesis, correct attitude towards learning, improve self-initiative.
      3 respondent quality control is an important part of the whole thesis defense thesis work. By controlling the respondent quality thesis, dissertation research can test the level of student expertise to grasp the situation, language skills and thinking, adaptability, etc., but also to maximize the number of students to avoid plagiarism design and paper results. In order to ensure the quality of the respondent, the respondent before the official instructor guided students' papers deal with the completion of the work, research, and other aspects of the research results were strictly batch-thesis defense. Papers level up to professional training requirements before allowing students to participate in the thesis defense, if the paper work, which do not meet the requirements, the paper complete clearance perfunctory attitude very seriously or not correct papers suspected of plagiarism students can only participate in one month after the The second reply. In this action alert, urging students passed the second respondent seriously thesis. Secondly, before the official thesis defense instructor should be organized to simulate reply. Paper presentations by students, field questions, etc., can be found that students in language expression, slide production, issue papers and other aspects elaborated ideas, make changes and then participate in a formal reply. Because research thesis involved a broader, different research directions and methods should reply to group members, and the instructor can guide students to participate in its thesis defense. In the hierarchy, members of each group by the respondent professors, associate professors, lecturers composition, easy to understand the students from different levels and different angles to grasp the extent of the knowledge of the authenticity of the papers of the scientific method is correct, the data Conclusion of rationality, which are fully examined.