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Differences Between Chinese And English Thesis Writing Scientific Thinking East And West

(A) Eastern holistic way of thinking and analytical way of thinking of the Western confrontation with the Chinese started to guide students to write thesis, often for some students to topics range is too big, too general argument, and classification levels and other characteristics are not clear and confusing , although it was noted, but little changed, such as "in a period of social transition variant of xxxx", "xx science and management science of relationships" and other topics are still common. However, if a different angle investigation, they feel that this holistic thinking and Oriental tradition, different from the Western emphasis on analytical thinking related. Western way of thinking is analytical, analytical nature as the main feature. Analysis is a thing or object into the concrete portion and subtle methods to be examined, it is in the observation, understanding, summarize the process object in the world does play an indelible role. English papers written in this manner, it will form a series of precise and detailed, step by step procedure. For example, foreign teachers to guide Chinese students to write papers in English, not only requires them to analyze the topic of contact between the various issues, causes, solutions, etc., but also requires them to analyze: the topic of the question is what is the problem that it clearly Recognition? it? Why is it a problem? of who or what is a problem? relevance to all aspects? these problems in time and space boundaries of what is? and in ancient Chinese traditional way of thinking represented Eastern thinking, has holistic, comprehensive features. Ancient China and Ancient Greece logical system logical system actually represent different logical type and direction, the East holistic, comprehensive way of thinking, not without logic, but is not limited to the concept, judgment, reasoning that the three basic logic means to correspond to the full and entire logical thinking rational thinking. Long-term infiltration in the Eastern way of thinking of the students, often accustomed to Western Tiaofenlvxi way, not good layer by layer to layer by layer analysis of the relevant issues, but only in general or several aspects are discussed together, such arguments tend to give with enough depth, the more superficial sense; some students even better the paper as prose, essays to write. Of course, if the East won the leading edge of thought, or can write impressive master's thesis, but also be able to say clearly that a thorough, but unfortunately for the student paper for beginners, it is not easy to do that, so people tend to put the blame on the reasons for thinking skills.
     (B) of the Oriental figurative abstract thinking and Western ways of thinking when reading the first draft of confrontation with the Chinese students to write papers, often there is not strong speculative theory is not enough feeling. Thesis writing is emotional to rational deductive process, the rationale for the application set of theoretical language writing. But the way to China as the representative of Eastern thinking it is figurative nature, characterized by sensuous realized. Performance of ancient Chinese style of thinking out of the phenomenon, the specific concerns of things, this does not mean that Chinese people do not consider the general, abstract problem, but only that Chinese traditional thinking does not come from a specific phenomenon consider the general abstract problem, even if development to the modern, scientific way of thinking has to abstract rational thinking as the main feature, the way of thinking of the East have long recognized this abstract rational thinking, but in general, abstract theory or inferior Eastern West. From student thesis written in Chinese, the Oriental tradition with thinking like nature, left a deep and clear imprint in the article, which is particularly reflected in the previous theoretical analysis into the facts outlined in this section, most students can often ease, can be more ideal, clearly and completely described. In the subsequent theoretical analysis section, many students tend to still follow the narrative approach, or is mixed with the discourse of narrative methods Dynasty. As long as the problem thoroughly publicize such a Chinese paper will get Chinese instructor approval. But if the papers written in English, but such wording would have been different "treatment", because of the foreign teachers, it is simply outrageous. They tend to say, this is not like writing papers. In this regard, they do have a lot of practical training measures and implementation. For example, when the student data collected papers, they require students to use some abstract theory to analyze these data, and then rationally analyze the causes or effects of the information reflected in the problem, and requires students to put this problem into an abstract method thus more then make a small level of theoretical analysis, but also requires theoretical analysis of the problem is how to ultimately be resolved. However, these methods and measures used to like the Oriental way of thinking with students who often have little effect, do not even work. Little do they know this is like a confrontation between the Western way of thinking and abstract way of thinking with the East caused. Oriental figurative thinking is an experience-based thinking, abstraction level is not high, the ancient Chinese philosophy rarely use concepts for logical reasoning, but by analogy to illustrate the truth, which is often caused by a lack explore theories tendencies; proof method used to "set up like a metaphor reason." This phenomenon is not specific to think out of the tendency for some abstract problem, and Westerners that keen on purely abstract considerations are different. If the characteristics of Western scientific thinking is the relationship between species longitudinally along thinking activity, characterized by an oriental scientific thinking things analogy to lateral thinking activities other things, and, thinking the object understood Oriental world is not mechanical world, it sure is not the way of the objective world of pure abstraction, but often is empirical, and sometimes often emotional or intuitive understanding the nature, or even emotionally. Since students are influenced by Oriental figurative manner of thinking, their Chinese papers tend to exhibit and figurative-related thinking, intuitive, direct, even beyond the (theoretical) resistance, jumping, is not surprising.