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Completed Undergraduate Thesis Need Attention Links

A thesis topic topics is a key step in the work, the title is very important to select the proper or not, it directly affects the quality of thesis. First, the instructor should take full account of their existing resources and research capacity to work in some of the existing experimental or theoretical guidance, based on the selected topic suitable for undergraduates to do. Secondly, the college has organized experts, professors declared subject teachers combine research projects carried out feasibility studies, see the subject content, workload, and other aspects of the degree of difficulty is not carried out to meet the requirements of an undergraduate research. Finally, the students' self-topics according to their interests, strengths, hobbies, the ability to choose their own level of thesis topic. When the topic should pay attention to the issue are the following: students learn the topic must be combined with a professional, to meet the requirements of professional training objectives, students are able to make full use of the knowledge, get professional quality, training of professional competence; topic should be diversified, content should be novel, should students and teachers of the actual level of expertise departure, full use of the existing teaching, laboratory facilities to complete the dissertation; combine instructor requirements, so that students self-selected topic, and fully reflects the subjectivity of students, thereby good mobilize the enthusiasm of students to complete the dissertation; strict implementation of the principle of one person, one question at the same time, we can not and previous students have done the same thesis topic, thus ensuring that each student independently completed thesis; thesis the title should not be chosen too large, the workload should be appropriate to ensure that students completed within the stipulated time; advocate combining cutting-edge research topics, such as the actual production, which will help enhance the ability of students graduating after the application of knowledge in practical work .
     Two students have the mission statement thesis dissertation topic, the instructor will be issued thesis mission statement, its contents include: the need to study the content, purpose and significance; processing and analysis methods used in the study methods and data; difficulty study and focus; need to consult the literature; study schedule and so on. Students through the mission statement, understand the need to do their work, be aware of in order to have orderly, purposeful, orderly manner thesis work.
     3 Document Retrieval and opening report writing open question is the thesis of the pilot link. Thesis under the guidance of teachers assigned mission statement, student access to reference materials and relevant literature is an essential part, first of all, students should learn how to obtain relevant knowledge and understanding of current research progress in their chosen fields, and make full research work. Secondly, according to available information, a detailed plan to develop their own work, and strive to be innovative in the field of study. Finally, write the opening report, opening report focuses on the topics basis; basic content of the research, the focus and difficulties; major research programs, including research methods to be adopted, the preparatory work and the main measures taken; progress of the research project arrangements. Through open discussion, so that students research a more comprehensive understanding of the program.
     4 experimental or theoretical calculation studies preparatory work has been done, this is the real core of the work into the thesis of a link, the students opening report based on the work plan developed in accordance with a reasonable experimental or theoretical calculations have been developed substantive arrangements experiments or calculations. This session, the instructor is ready to help students or laboratory equipment and materials required for the calculation software, in order to ensure the progress of the thesis, students should pay attention to the laboratory to comply with the rules and regulations, should have good science and work style . Students are required to test records in a timely manner, accurate processing of experimental data, while working for data analysis in order to detect problems promptly resolved. In this process, teachers should guide students to conduct periodic report regularly organize and supervise the progress of some former students summarize, identify the problems and difficulties encountered in the work, and propose solutions. In specific guidance on the thesis process, teachers should inspire students to think about the problem from a different angle, to encourage students to ask questions, students' enthusiasm, initiative and creativity.
     5 thesis writing thesis is to test students' writing ability is an important part of a comprehensive, students need to book in accordance with the requirements of the task to collect a large number of summary documents, select the appropriate entry point, with their own language to express the content of research papers and purpose to be achieved and have meaning; after introduces himself to explain the work done, you need to have a viable argument, conclusive argument, rigorous rational argumentation; Finally, analyze and summarize the work concluded. Before writing papers, teachers guide students to carry out the prescribed format by school essay writing, noting the need for many things. Thesis writing is not all the work done before the write side should be learning by doing finishing writing, require students to summarize a stage at any time, at the beginning proposed basic framework and structure of the paper, you can do leak filled concrete. In the thesis writing process, the instructor should seriously review, word for word on the paper to modify, timely issues and amendments, A good thesis will always need to be modified repeatedly, the only way to ensure the quality of the paper .
     6 pre-defense and defense official reply is the last link to complete the thesis, but also a test of the students' work done, is the assessment of students verbal skills, writing skills, scientific thinking, such as the overall quality. Its success or failure determines the final thesis results, in particular, to give attention to this part, did not appear to do less work, is also doing well, but that is not expressed, say so. So, before the formal reply, guidance teachers often allow students to do their own PPT presentations in front speak many times, but a better approach is to have the teacher and other students were involved in a pre-defense, which is equivalent to a rehearsal, which we can identify problems, to make up for lack of experience in helping students to accumulate some defense, this link can be for students to pass a formal thesis defense laid a good foundation. According to the respondent when the respondent official student rules, procedures, requirements, first report to explain papers, defense team members based on student assessment and reporting the contents of papers submitted questions, the students raised the issue according to the assessment committee explained, after the respondent group to deliberate and give the respondent achievements. Students should be modified according to the issue paper assessing the views put forward by the respondent and the respondent, perfect.